Put some funny in your follow up :P

by Steli Efti

I preach the gospel of follow up almost every day of my life. And still ... there is more to preach and more to learn. :)

How do you spice up the follow-up?

Many ask me for new creative ways to spice up their follow-up hustle and I've recently come across an awesome guy who's putting some "funny" in his follow-up and seeing great results with it.

Rachman is the co-founder of FunnyBizz and we met at the Lean Startup Conference in December.

He gave an awesome talk on how to effectively follow up with humor.

One of my favorite ideas from the talk was that he used to follow up with potential sponsors for his conference and when he didn't hear back, he would send them a funny gif of Cookie Monster waiting with no further text. :)

The response rates were great (watch the video below of his talk if you want to learn more).

The Cookie Monster follow-up gif


Experiments in humor talk

After his talk, I told him I wanted to learn more about FunnyBizz. He reached out and I thought I'd test his true follow-up hustle by not responding for a while. :)

You know, it's one thing to preach something on stage and another to practice it in real life. When he didn’t hear from me in a while, he sent this awesome follow-up video. 

Personal follow-up video (the funny is happening at the second half)

AWESOMESAUCE!!!!!!!! :)))

This is a great example of how to be creative in your follow-up and create immediate value in a relationship by putting a smile on someone's face and making their day a little brighter. 

The baby ducks follow-up

A reader recently forwarded me a hilarious follow-up email he received. I thought it was great and wanted to share it with you all:

funny-follow-up.pngLearn (aka steal) these strategies to crush it harder in your follow-up hustle!

For those of you who haven't yet learned my basic follow-up philosphy, strategy and follow-up tactics, read the post below.

Follow up like a champ—How to win every deal with the amazing power of the follow up!


Life is all about the follow-up. Especially when it comes to the startup hustle.

It’s easy to focus on the initial contact. The first meeting. The email you’ve sent to someone important. You reach out to someone and then feel good about yourself. You’ve done your job, you’ve pitched and reached out. You’ve asked for a meeting/call/etc. Now all you have to do is sit around and wait for them to respond.

And that’s the problem—you have no follow-up hustle.

I get it. You don’t want to be a pain in the ass. We all want to avoid being annoying at the risk of getting rejected. The trick is to make your follow-ups so creative that they don't feel like follow-ups. [Tweet this!]

Most people will contact someone once, and then wait around for that person to get back to them. That’s the completely wrong approach.

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