How to create a sales call script [Free template]

by Steli Efti

How to Create a Sales Phone Script (Free Template)

If you’re doing inside sales, you know that a phone call can be an incredibly effective tool to reach out to potential customers and close deals. How do you know that you have a sales pitch that is effective on the phone?

The best way to do that is to prepare and write a structured phone script.

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Let’s look at a simple cold call script structure you can use:

  1. Raise curiosity (Who is this? Why should I care?)
  2. Give context (elevator pitch)
  3. Ask for permission to continue
  4. Ask questions. Learn about prospects' needs. Define if they are a fit.
  5. Test close: discover price sensitivity, decision timeline, etc.
  6. Schedule next steps


Steps 1–3:

  • Hi, my name is___________. I’m calling some startups in the area to find out if they are a good fit for our product/service/beta program.
  • What we do in a sentence is we provide companies with xyz.
  • Does this in general sound interesting to you?


Step 4:

  • What is your current xyz process?
  • Who are your customers?
  • How do you currently solve xyz?
  • Etc.

Test closing

Step 5:

  • We would want to start in X weeks. Does this work for you?
  • The beta program is heavily discounted. It’s going to be $X per day.
  • What is the decision making process in your company?
  • Etc.

Next steps

Step 6:

  • Great. Sounds like this could be a good fit. Let me send you our brochure and schedule a time next week to discuss all your questions, etc.
  • What’s the best email to send you information and the calendar invite?
  • What’s a good time to chat next week?

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