Integration: Email automation with

by Ramin Assemi

We’re happy to announce a new integration with our sales software and, an email automation tool which allows you to send personalized emails at scale.

If you want to send an automated sequence of emails without scheduling reminders or setting up workflows, QuickMail's native integration with can help.

You’ll be able to send automatic follow-ups with no more than three clicks directly from within

“Mid-funnel drips became a breeze. I reduced manual steps by a good 30%, easy.” —Benjamin Höschele, LeadLogic

How to set up

First, open an account on—it literally takes two clicks to sign up.

Then you want to click “Teams” in Settings and then select the “Enable native integration for the team” checkbox.


Paste your API key (which can be found under “Settings” in and you’re good to go. Your QuickMail sequences will automatically be available in through special custom fields.

Next time you view a lead in, you can select your sequence and the number of contacts you want to be a part of this sequence by setting the “Target contacts” field.


Click “Done adding,” and QuickMail will pick up and process your email sequence within a few minutes.

Easily track the status of QuickMail sequences

Want to view your updates to keep track of everything? You can view the notes and status of each QuickMail sequence directly in at any time. This way you can always see which emails each individual prospect has received and opened, and when the next follow-up email is scheduled to be sent out.

Finally, if you want to step in when contacts don’t reply, can create tasks for prospects who have ignored your entire sequence of emails.

Check out this 3 minute video to show you how this all plays out in

You can email: or sign up for a 14-day free trial!


All integrations are made possible via the API – feel free to build your own and let us know!

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