Sales Office Hours

by Steli Efti

Sales Office Hours

Today we want to offer you something truly special:

**A free 15 minute sales analysis and consulting call with Steli Efti, CEO/Co-Founder of ElasticSales and**

Who is this for?

Founders and Sales Leaders. If you’re running a B2B company and are currently working on building your sales team and creating a repeatable and scalable sales model we can help.

We’ve done it for hundreds of startups. We’ll do it for you as well. For free :)

Why is Steli the right guy to talk Sales with?

Steli is the Co-Founder/CEO of ElasticSales and He has worked with almost 100 startups improving their sales process and run large sales campaigns for them.


“They examined our sales strategy and highlighted areas where we could increase profitability. They helped us uncover some viable sales channels and others that simply wouldn’t be worthwhile for our business.” - Grasshopper Inc.

“The first thing their team showed us was how to capitalize on the opportunities we had in our pipeline. That got us measurable results extremely fast.” - Authy Inc.

Why are we offering you this FOR FREE?

Honestly, offering our sales expertise to users feels like an

exciting new way to get to know you and your business better and with that hopefully win you over long term as a happy customer.

No obligations though. We’ll help wherever we can with feedback and advice. You take it from there.

What’s the catch?

There is none! If you feel like you could benefit from jumping on a call and talk about your sales process and challenges we’re happy to help. It’s not a sales call. There is nothing we’ll try do to other than build good will and give back to the community that’s been very good to us :)