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Product Update to Email Follow Ups, Snoozing, and more

We are excited to share a few recent product improvements to, in addition to the recently announced Send Email Later feature.

Add an email followup reminder to any email

We've recently rolled out an update to the way we're handling email follow ups. Until now, the only way to add a follow up to an email was to do so when you send it. Starting now, you'll be able to set a follow up on an email from either the lead or inbox pages. You'll also be able to edit the date of an email follow up after it's been set.

Being able to modify email follow ups will help you better track your important conversations. Below, we're on the lead page adding an email follow up that had been sent without one and then editing the date after the fact.

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How to manage your sales qualification process in with Process Street

Getting an entire sales team to follow a consistent process is always a challenge.

So, to make things easier, we've devised a clever way to integrate Process Street with using Process Street's new Run Link feature,'s Integration Links feature and Zapier.

With this integration, every contact has its own embedded run link, leading to your BANT qualification checklist.

All of the checklist information is pushed back to to configure opportunities, follow up tasks and create notes.

Watch the video:
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Product update: Schedule your emails to be sent later

We’re happy to announce that a much requested feature is now available to all users. Write your sales emails whenever you want, and schedule them to arrive in your prospect’s inbox at just the right time. With just a few mouse-clicks, you can pick the exact date and time when the email should be sent out.

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Product update: Drag to reorder contact information, improved call bar and more bug fixes

We’ve updated the way you can organize the contact information for your leads, our call bar has been improved and we’ve killed even more bugs.

Let’s see what’s new.

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Product update: Goodbye mp3 files—Record and edit your voicemail greeting in-app

When was the last time you updated your voicemail greeting?

Now there’s no excuse to have an outdated voicemail message, because we’ve made it easy to record a new one. That’s right, no need to upload mp3 files anymore—in-app recording has arrived.

Here come the details.

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Email editor improvements & squashing more bugs

We've made improvements to the email editor and how you create email templates. We've also fixed many of the most annoying bugs in

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Product update: Phone settings - Introducing a new, smarter UI for better visibility

Calling is a central part of your day. That’s why we work hard on improving the experience. We’ve updated the phone settings page to give you a better way of managing your phone numbers and give you more visibility and control over your numbers.

Previously, you were only able to make changes to your main personal number. There was no ability to make per-number changes and there was zero visibility into group numbers.

With this update, this has changed. Let’s take a look at what’s new.

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Product update: Improved reporting, redesigned API docs, and bug fixes

We’re continuously working towards making a better platform for your sales team so that you can focus on closing deals, not doing busywork.

Here are the latest developments.

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Integration: Size your eCommerce market and find your future customers with SalesOptimize

We are happy to introduce a new integration for our sales CRM with SalesOptimize, a B2B ecommerce lead generation platform.

Are you selling to online stores? SalesOptimize scans the web for online stores to find ecommerce leads for you. Their technology scans over 1.7M online retailers in more than 20 countries and can fill your pipelines with thousands of qualified leads.

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