Track email opens with

by Phil Freo

Great news: You now have the ability to view and track who has opened emails you’ve sent from

Track Email Opens With

On any email activity, just look for the open letter icon and hover over it to see the last time the email was opened.

To see a high level view of who has opened emails that you’ve sent via, you can use the following search queries:

  • email_opened < 10 minutes ago
  • email_opened < 7 days ago
  • last_email < 5 days ago and last_email_direction=outgoing
  • email_opened < 2 days ago and subject: “email subject”
  • email_opened < 20 hours ago and subject: “email subject” and from: Bobby

Tracking email opens gives you amazing insight as to who is engaging with the content your team is sending.

With search, you’ll be able to view an aggregated amount of leads that fit a certain criteria. Using the search queries above, you can create a Smart View that you can reference when you want to see leads that have opened an email within the last day.


If you have any questions, please email the team at or in our Live Chat.

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