Enterprise Sales for Startups: How Tiny Startups Can Close Huge Deals (free ebook)

by Steli Efti

At my first startup, I made a lot of mistakes chasing after enterprise deals.

I didn’t learn enough about my prospects’ buying processes, I didn’t sell to every stakeholder, and I didn’t build an army of internal champions. This list could go on forever.

But here's the worst part: I learned many of these lessons way too late. By the time I figured this stuff out, I'd missed my window for success.

That’s why I created Enterprise Sales for Startups.

I want to help you avoid the same mistakes that killed my first company, and I want to help you understand what it takes to sell your product or service to large organizations.

enterprisesalesforstartups logo.jpgIn this book, you’ll learn how to:

  • Explore your prospects’ buying processes
  • Build relationships with internal champions
  • Sell to each and every stakeholder
  • Shorten your sales cycles
  • Close more deals
  • And more!

Enterprise sales can be risky, but if you have a great product—and you make smart decisions along the way—the rewards are massive.

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