Alicia Cornell at Shopify Plus: "Breaking Up" and Falling Back In Love with Sales

by Rebecca Luo

For episode #7 of our interview series featuring women in sales, I am so excited to feature someone who has inspired me since the beginning of my sales career. 

Alicia Cornell is a Sales Manager at Shopify PlusShe graduated from Carleton University in Ottawa, and shortly after joined McGraw-Hill Ryerson, the Canadian division of McGraw-Hill, an educational publishing house. After a few years selling there, she traded in textbooks for e-commerce software and joined Shopify in 2014, where she was previously a manager for the Shopify Partner Program, and worked on the Enterprise sales team. 

Alicia has always been a true student of the sales game, but at one point during her career, as the top salesperson on her team, she took a break from sales. Her heart told her to explore other functions within Shopify, which she did, only to eventually fall back in love with the craft of sales. 

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