Jolijt Tamanaha at Fresh Prints: Selling her First Company and Managing a Sales Team of 40 Students

by Rebecca Luo

Listen to episode #5 of our interview series featuring women in sales: Jolijt Tamanaha, CFO & CMO of Fresh Prints

I knew I had to interview Jolijt after receiving an email from my first guest on this series, Sarah Haselkorn, Head of Sales Operations at MakeSpace:

Sarahs intro to Jolijt

(Note: She who knows how to wield the automation powers of Zapier is one who should be revered, in my humble opinion.)

Jolijt founded Farmplicity at 18 years of age while enrolled as a full-time student at Washington University in St. Louis. She created an online marketplace for farmers to sell directly to chefs and got acquired by Sunfarm Food Services in less than a year and a half. 

Jolijt is now managing and coaching approximately 40 of 250 of Fresh Prints' on-campus student sales representatives and managers. Jolijt explains how she got the job by content marketing herself like a product - her Medium piece, “'Don’t Take Startup Advice’ and More Startup Advice”, caught the attention of the right folks and was even mentioned in a tweet by Marc Andreessen! 

Mentioned in interview: "Life is an Acquired Taste" by the Minimalists

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