Julianne Gsell: First SDR at Box to Director of Sales at Databricks

by Rebecca Luo

Episode #9 of our interview series featuring women in sales

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Julianne Gsell is the Director of MidMarket Sales at Databricks. Julianne was previously a Director of Enterprise Sales at Box, where she started her career as the company’s first SDR in 2009. Julianne studied Applied Science and Nutrition at California Polytechnic State University, where she also competed in NCAA Division 1A Cross Country. 

Julianne began her career in newspaper ad sales, learning about solution-selling to business owners, before moving to technical sales at Box.

Over the course of her time at Box, Julianne was promoted five times, having been an integral part of the sales team and in building out the sales process.

In this episode we delve into Julianne's amazing career trajectory. Julianne shares how empathy turns technical conversations into people conversations, and how to give feedback and coaching to sales reps in a way that is unique to their learning style and personality type.

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