Professional Sales Coach Lauren LaForge, Southwestern Consulting: Consistency, Building a Business, and Remote Life

by Rebecca Luo

Hey everyone! Rebecca here at, bringing you episode #2 of our interview series featuring women in sales. 

Lauren LaForge is a professional sales coach at Southwestern Consulting. As a college student, Lauren sold books and software door-to-door for Southwestern Advantage, finishing top 5 out of 3,000 sales people for all 4 summers. She also started and sold two businesses before the age of 30.

Lauren gives us advice on what she calls the “intentional roller coaster” in sales, scheduling, and remote life. When it comes to consistency in sales, Lauren advises her clients to focus on what they can control in terms of three categories: hours, attitude, and meetings. Be sure to read her blogpost “Your Next Best Steps Towards Your Goals”  on overcoming those moments when a goal feels too far away or too overwhelming.

In our interview there’s a fun fact about why Lauren is super special to me - you’ll have to watch to find out!

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