Liz Stephany, Law School, Disappointment, & Becoming a Team Leader

by Rebecca Luo

Listen to episode #4 of our interview series featuring women in sales!

Liz Stephany is our Senior Customer Success Manager at She has worked in sales at Oracle and as a sales and account management team lead at Thomson Reuters. She received her JD at the Cecil C. School of Law at the University of Memphis.

We talk about overcoming doubt and disappointment when your career and life doesn’t go according to plan. Liz shares her take on being resilient and calm as someone in her role, which involves having difficult conversations with customers about their concerns and criticism.

Liz tells us about how she’s evolved from a self-proclaimed “yes” person at the start of her career to a highly adaptable, proactive, and respected leader at She believes in treating your career like dressing for the job you want to have -- if you do the job you have now as well the job you want to have, you will get it! 

Check out Steli’s talk “Learning to say NO!”  and blogpost “Yes is Lazy, Learn How to Say NO” . Also, Steli’s advice on writing the rules of the game while you are in it. 

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