Megan Orth, Freightview: How Parenthood and Family Shaped Her Sales and Startup Life

by Rebecca Luo

Here's episode #3 of our interview series featuring women in sales. 

Megan Orth is the Director at Freightview. In 2014, Megan co-led the development of Freightview as a part of a startup project within a company called Freightquote, and by 2015 Freightview was acquired by C.H. Robinson. She is a CPA by designation with a background in Finance and previously held a Manager role at KPMG.

Megan fully embraces the busy yet fun nature of running a startup and having a family of three children. She points out that both business and family are about empathy and listening. Megan talks about not allowing for “death by comparison” when it comes to parenting, sales, and management. She reminds us that sometimes life isn’t about being perfect all the time - sometimes, it’s about surviving the chaos and appreciating those around you.

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