Announcing's Women In Sales Interview Series with Sarah Haselkorn, MakeSpace: Emotional Resilience as a Triathlete, Entrepreneur, & Systems Engineer

by Rebecca Luo

women in sales

Hey everyone! Rebecca here at I’m excited to bring you our interview series featuring women in sales. The idea was prompted by the suggestion of our CEO, Steli Efti. His exact words were that “this needs to be highlighted more and is something we could do really well”. Heck yea!

Our blog and YouTube channel has become, and continues, to be an incredible library of actionable sales and startup advice from Steli and the expert guests he’s had the pleasure to interview. With this interview series, I wanted to do something slightly different. I wanted to discuss career advice, day-in-the-life, winning routines and habits, and life outside of sales and startups.

These are the topics I found myself and my colleagues at gravitating towards, during our weekly 1:1:1s. Perhaps my colleagues and I took on these topics because we all work remotely, but really, I think that it goes beyond a lack of a physical headquarters - it is about how creating an environment for one’s success is paramount to our individual and collective well-being. As such, these interview will have less of an emphasis on sales advice, tactics, or strategies. In fact, the interview I’m sharing in this post isn’t just about sales, nor is it about being a woman in sales - it’s about cultivating badass-ery.

Meet Sarah Haselkorn, Head of Sales Operations at Makespace and co-founder at Unfettered Socks. She’s a triathlete, an investor, and an advisor, with a university degree in systems engineering.

We talk about emotional resilience, letting go of her first successful venture, and “embracing the silence” through difficulty. She makes us ponder about strict daily regimens, and makes the case for “high level life organization” instead. She’s a tough cookie, but also truly wonderful and real (she’s not a morning person!).

Check out the rest of the series [Links]: Soundcloud | iTunes | All of Our Guests



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