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Stay calm and close deals: How to effectively deal with stress in your sales team


Commissions. Quotas. Competition.

There are plenty of stress triggering factors in the daily life of a salesperson. By nature, salespeople are put in situations that create a high-stress environment.

While some of that stress is good, it’s also likely to have a negative impact on the productivity of your sales team.

We all deal with stress differently, but there are a few techniques that every salesperson can apply to cope with stressful situations, keep their composure and continue to close deals.

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10 steps to designing and conducting effective mock calling sessions


The average sales rep makes 46 calls every day.

So when your sales reps pick up the phone, make sure they’re ready to go for the close.

The best way to prepare them? The mock call.

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How our remote team works better together: Snapchat as an internal communications tool

About two months ago, we started getting really into Snapchat. Not in the Kardashian sense. But as an internal communications tool for our growing remote team.

While the Close.io HQ remains in San Francisco, the majority of our team members are nomadically spread across North America, Europe and Asia.

A few times per year, we get together at our company retreats to align, strategize and let the good times roll. But in between those, we get a glimpse into each other’s daily lives through Snapchat.

In this post we talk about how we use Snapchat as an internal communications tool and why we think it’s a great addition to the existing software stack for remote teams.

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Clouded judgement: Convince your sales team to move from on-premise software to SaaS

By 2018, the enterprise SaaS market is expected to increase five times over and be worth a whopping $50.8 billion in revenue, representing over a quarter of the entire worldwide enterprise application market.


There’s no doubt about it: SaaS is the future of the software industry.

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How to onboard a sales team in 4 weeks

Nick Persico is a co-founder at Smart Host (Techstars Austin ‘14), where he runs sales. Before Smart Host, Nick worked at Close.io as the first person to ever sell the product when it first launched. You can follow him on Twitter and read his personal blog here.


So you’ve just hired your first group of salespeople. Their first day is coming up, and you need to turn them into selling machines as soon as possible.

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The secret to successful and lasting co-founder relationships

Building a business is hard as hell. Keeping it afloat is even harder.

One of the biggest causes of startup deaths is co-founders not getting along with each other, arguing, drifting apart and ultimately splitting up. According to Paul Graham, founder of Y Combinator, “Fights between founders are surprisingly common. About 20% of the startups we've funded have had a founder leave.”

That’s why the quality of the relationship among co-founders is one of the most important elements of successful startups.

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Upcoming webinar: Sales enablement stack

Do you want to learn how to close more deals faster with an integrated B2B sales funnel?

Join LeadFuze's Founder & CEO Justin McGill, Close.io's Head of Sales Kevin Ramani, and PandaDoc's VP of Parternships Jared Fuller for a live webinar on sales enablement.

You'll hear strategies from behind the scenes at some of the fastest-growing teams in sales enablement and learn what their most successful customers are doing to drive growth.

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Entrepreneurship: Why you should make the jump

When was the last time you felt excited about a Monday? Or any workday for that matter?

Can’t remember? Then perhaps it’s time for a change.

While some people are born entrepreneurs, others just stumble into entrepreneurship like a drunk person stumbling into a bar. Some are dragged into it, kicking and screaming. Because when no one creates the solution you want, you’re left with no option but to build it yourself.

This is the story of how I convinced my two older brothers to leave behind the security of their 9–5 jobs and fall in love with entrepreneurship.

Maybe you will too.

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Integration: Size your eCommerce market and find your future customers with SalesOptimize

We are happy to introduce a new integration for our sales CRM with SalesOptimize, a B2B ecommerce lead generation platform.

Are you selling to online stores? SalesOptimize scans the web for online stores to find ecommerce leads for you. Their technology scans over 1.7M online retailers in more than 20 countries and can fill your pipelines with thousands of qualified leads.

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Upcoming webinar: B2B sales hiring with Steli Efti


Hiring is hard. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in the game. Choosing the right candidate will always be difficult.

In this webinar we’ll cover:

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