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Looking stupid in the name of progress: Old dudes on skateboards

When was the last time you did something that made you feel like you looked stupid to others? When was the last time you put yourself out there in a way that was uncomfortable to you because it was totally out of your comfort zone? When was the last time you chose to trade your dignity for a new experience?

I was about 24 or 25 years old when I watched Dogtown and Z-Boys with a couple of really good friends. It’s a movie about the pioneers of skateboarding. We loved it, this was pure awesomeness!

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How to achieve sales mastery

What can you do to become at sales? How can you fast-forward your process to becoming a true master of the craft?

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Should you use a sales script?

There’s this almost religious debate among sales professionals: should you work with or without a script?

The answer is not either or, but instead do both!

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How To Renegotiate A Deal?

It can happen to the best of us. We pursue a deal, negotiate for the terms, put in all this effort and get them to sign the dotted line. Only to figure out a short while later, that the terms of the deal are bad. That’s sellers remorse.

What do you do now? Do you just try to make the best of a bad bargain? Do you go back to the prospect and re-negotiate the deal?

If you do re-negotiate the deal, how do you go about it? How do you bring it up with the prospect? How do you tell them what you both just agreed upon isn’t acceptable? In what words do you let them know?

There’s something much more important than all these tactical questions…

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What separates good sales people from great sales people?

The difference between good sales people and great sales people is probably not what you think it is. Most people would say something along the lines of: great sales people are charismatic, slick, outgoing alphas.

The reality is much more boring. The biggest difference between great sales people and good sales people is consistency.

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Emotional Alchemy: How to turn nervousness into excitement

If you’re doing sales - whether you’re pitching a potential investor, demoing your product or just cold calling prospects - you’ll feel nervous at times. Everybody does.

What matters is how you deal with this anxiety. Do you let it throw you off your game, or do you use it to fuel your success.

Today I want to share the story of how I learned emotional alchemy as a kid. It’s probably the only useful thing I ever learned in school, but it serves me well until now.

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Upcoming Talks: Lean Startup, Sales Hacker, Tradecraft, Pioneers & more

If you want to see us speak live, here are some events we're going to be talking at soon. Let me know if you can make it to any of these so we can meet up.

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How to captivate your prospect's attention

Once you've got a prospect on a sales call, or even in the room with you... how do you captivate and keep his attention? It's not enough that he hears you speak - you want him to really listen.

Some people possess the charisma and showmanship that naturally mesmerizes their listeners. If you don't, you'll need to master the mechanics of getting attention. Use this simple 3-step process to get your message across:

  • Highlight the highlights.
  • Mark what's memorable.
  • Ask for attention.
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Buyer refuses to answer your questions? Do this!

I recently got an email from Vivek, one of my blog readers, who had to pitch to a massive car company. It was a high-pressure sales situation for Vivek. The stakes were high as a lot depended on this deal and he had just one shot. 

As soon as Vivek opened the presentation with a qualifying question, the buyer interrupted him: 

“Listen, Vivek. You are here to present to us. We would like to not have to answer any questions. Why don’t you just go ahead and make the presentation? We will ask the questions. And then when you leave, we can determine whether we want to move forward with this or not.”

How do you, as a sales person, deal with this challenge?

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Webinar: Drive Sales Engagement With Triggered Emails


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