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How HouseCall Pro increased their close rate by 15% using SMS



Roland Ligtenberg and his team at Housecall Pro have been using SMS as a critical part of their sales process for some time. We had their team participate in our closed SMS beta to provide that same honest and direct feedback our product team has always relied on.

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Introducing SMS in


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Startup culture is killing sales teams. Here’s how to save yours.


Startup sales teams: We’ve made a mistake.

In our haste to distance ourselves from the sleazy, Wolf-of-Wall-Street-style salespeople of yore, we’ve over-corrected. Now, instead of being too hostile, modern day salespeople are too friendly; not necessarily with prospects, but with one another.

As a result, startup sales teams have lost their competitive nature. Now, instead of spurring one another on to success, modern sales teams are normalizing mediocrity and justifying underperformance.

So what do we do?

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5 sales trends you must ignore to succeed in 2017


I always find myself stumbling across these articles every new year: Is 2017 The Chatbot Year?, 2017 Will Be the Year of AI, 2017: The Year of Machine Learning, Intelligent Content and Experiences.

And how about the countless articles claiming that cold calling and emailing are dead? The cynic in me says, "Who cares?" People still buy from people and always will.

As a society, especially in technology, we tend to overhype new things. We think they're going to change everything.

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The ultimate SaaS sales guide: 31 things you need to know about selling SaaS


SaaS is a billion-dollar industry. And it’s only going to get bigger. According to TechCrunch, the SaaS industry is at the same stage as “the PC market in 1983, [the] smartphone market in 2003, or the search market in 1998.”

There is no better time than now to be in SaaS. But more opportunities means more competition. If you want to lead the pack, you need to how to sell SaaS.

That’s why we collected 31 of our best tips to help you master SaaS sales.

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Is cold calling right for your business?


“Should we be doing cold calling?”

A lot of new founders and small business owners ask themselves this question.

First of all: Cold calling isn’t dead. It can enable incredible growth and millions of companies are growing rapidly as a result of it—even Uber started out cold calling. If you know how to use it, it will be of great value to your business, too.

In this post, I’m going to give you two highly tactical question that’ll help you determine whether you should be doing cold calling.

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We published 139 sales posts in 2016. Here are the 7 you need to read to dominate 2017!


"Thanks for the advice. Since implementing it, we have doubled our close rate." — James Kennedy, Founder,

Every day, readers of our blog send us emails like these. They implemented our advice, saw results and share their wins with us.

This year, we published 139 sales posts. With every post we publish, we always aim to provide a ton of value to the millions of people who read our sales advice.

That's why we’ve picked the 7 best posts we’ve published in 2016. If you want to kill it in 2017, read these. Whether you’re a sales rep or a sales manager, there’s something for everyone in here.

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Our favorite books and podcasts of 2016

What a year.

This year brought me an entirely new appreciation for books and podcasts. Without them, I’m not sure how else I would’ve escaped the distractions that 2016 will be remembered for. In a world full of noise and sound bites, these two mediums give us a deeper understanding of the subject matters they cover.

And we’re all the better for it.

In addition to my own recommendations, I recently asked the team which books and podcasts moved them this year. Here’s a look back at our favorite books and podcasts that made us focus, laugh, learn, and grow stronger in 2016.

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3 lessons sales managers can learn from professional kitchen chefs

This is a post by Brad Smith, a freelance marketing writer who gets sales. 

Kitchens are uncomfortable.

They’re insufferably hot.

Closed quarters. No windows or natural daylight.

15-hour days are common, with several rushes throughout the night. Not to mention, an abundance of short tempers and steel blades.

Sales teams are not that different. Today’s highs are tomorrow’s lows. One day, they need a hug and the next, a wake-up call.

Here’s how kitchens manage to deliver hundreds of meals each night of the week (and how sales managers can apply the same principles to run high-performing sales teams).

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Still need to hit Q4 sales quota? 6 ways to close deals before it’s too late


You only have 13 more days to clean out your pipeline in 2016 and turn it into revenue.

Yet, prospects at this time will naturally want to push the decision off to next year. They have many “urgent” last minute things they want to get done. They also have difficulty getting buy-in from other stakeholders in the organization since the stakeholders have their own end-of-year things they need to get done too.

While the end of the year means more distractions, there’s also more opportunity. Many companies need to use up this year’s budget and finalize next year’s budget. As a result, there’s a 5x increase in spending in the final week of the fiscal year compared to spending in the average week.

Here are 6 things you can do to push people through to the finish line!

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