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How to give product demos that sell [webinar recording]

Learn in just one hour how to give powerful product demos that close deals and win sales. Watch the full webinar recording - Steli shares some of his best demo hacks!

During the days of Elastic Sales, Steli and his sales team reviewed and delivered thousands of product demos for hundreds of venture-backed startups. He knows how to turn dull demos into powerful live presentations that make your prospects want your product - and shares his most valuable tips in this high-intensity webinar with you.

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Steli Efti on Entrepreneurial Pain (Heureka Conference 2015)

Here's a talk Steli gave at the 4th Heureka Conference in Berlin. He shared stories of his failed startups and strategies for dealing with entrepreneurial pain.

If you're trying to build a startup, to create something from nothing, this is a good way of preparing yourself for the emotional rollercoaster you're getting into.

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Integration with Clearbit to enrich your lead data


We're happy to announce another integration with Close.io, this time from Clearbit

Clearbit provides tools and APIs for easy access to company and social data useful for enriching your leads. Let's say you have a bunch of leads with just email addresses. Clearbit can take that email address and enhance the lead to contain lots of additional information about the contact and company.

For an example of what Clearbit's Close.io integration can do, take a look at this screenshot. This lead was created with only Alex's name and email address. All the rest of the data was added to Close.io automatically via Clearbit, including company description, address, office phone number, links to social profiles like Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

To better understand how powerful this is, check out this snippet from Clearbit's Close.io announcement:

Once your Clearbit and Close.io accounts are linked, any new leads in Close.io will be automatically populated with Clearbit’s person & company data.

Having our data baked into Close.io is incredibly useful. We’ll pull in company address, description, funding, categories, headcount and phone number. We’ll also populate the information of all the contacts attached to the lead, including name, title, and LinkedIn handles.

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Introducing Inbox


We're excited to announce the official launch of a set of new features in Close.io called "Inbox". These features include significant workflow and UI improvements around email, followups, tasks, notifications, and more.

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Details can derail your deal

Ever had a sales conversation with prospects who seemed like a good fit and were really engaged with you? Then their 'engagement' goes over the top and they just keep asking questions, and more questions, and even more questions.

Each answer you give just yields two more questions, and at some point there are a myriad of details that nibble away at the deal and steal your thunder. All the momentum is gone. Details have derailed your deal.

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How to ask for - and receive - feedback


One of the best ways to improve yourself in sales - or really any area of your life - is to ask for feedback. Like Hiten Shah said in a recent episode of The Startup Chat podcast: “You don’t get better at anything unless you get feedback.” Feedback helps you to become more self-aware, to understand how others see you, to look beyond your own biases.

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New Inbox notification types, bounce dock icon during incoming calls, and more

We wanted to give a quick update of some recent improvements to Close.io.

Mostly we've been making a bunch of improvements to Inbox, which we announced in opt-in beta a few weeks ago and we're now slowly enabling for all organizations over the coming days and weeks. If you don't have Inbox yet but want it turned on even sooner, just let us know.

A few specific improvements to announce:

  • Real-time indicator/count of Inbox items: regardless of which page you're on in Close.io, there's now a badge in the left navigation that shows you how many Inbox items you have.
  • Mac desktop app: the dock icon now bounces to get your attention if you're getting an incoming call and the window isn't already focused. No more accidentally missing calls if your ring volume is muted.
  • Opportunity reminders: for Inbox users, you'll see an item in your Inbox on the day that an active opportunitiy is scheduled to close. From there you can easily followup with that lead, or "snooze" it to bump back the estimated close date of the opportunity. Screenshot below.
  • Answered calls from unknown numbers: When you accept a call from a number not attached to a lead already, you have a chance to attach that number to a lead while you're on a call. But sometimes you may not have a chance to (especially if that call was forwarded to your cell phone). Previously there was no real way to find these answered but detached calls within Close.io. Now there is! We create an Inbox item, also pictured in the screenshot below, that allows you to create a lead from this number or a reminder to add this number to an existing lead.
  • Read-only view of coworker's Inbox: We introduced a limitation so that when looking at a coworker's Inbox view, you can't modify things.
  • Status changes: To keep your lead's activity timeline as clean as possible, we collapse/combine multiple status changes into a single one if they happen in quick succession, to avoid seeing accidental changes in your stream. Previously we would combine status changes from different users if they happened soon after each other. Now, we no longer combine status changes from different users, to keep a better historical record.

New notification types:


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Drip email campaigns from Close.io via DripEmails.com

We're happy to announce the launch of DripEmails.com – a third-party tool built to make managing drip email campaigns from Close.io a breeze.

This tool was built by one of our customers, Taylor Brooks of Simple Donation, because he wanted an easy way to send drip email sequences to specific leads from Close.io.

While there are lots of great tools for sending drip emails (including Drip), none of the others are built completely around Close.io for your contact management.

DripEmails.com allows you to connect your Close.io account and define "sequences" from your Close.io Email Templates. Sequences consist of a name, list of templates, and the number of days between each email.

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Never talk price before value

Imagine you're doing a cold call and pretty early on in the sales conversation the prospect asks you: "What's the price?"

You probably already know better than to just give them the price. But what if they insist on it: "Just tell me the price already. There's no reason for you or me to waste our time going through this whole conversation only to find out at the end that your price isn't a good fit for our budget. So how much are we talking?"

Sounds reasonable. So what do you do? Give them the price range?

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Webinar: Sales email strategies (in 20 minutes)

Join this upcoming minute webinar with Kevin Ramani on effective sales email strategies:


Wednesday, Jun 17th
10am-10.40am PST

Learn how to quickly compose and deliver emails that potential clients would want to open. You'll see templates that work, and don't work, from Close.io, a successful silicon valley venture that builds a powerful sales technology

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