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Integration: Capture and warm-up email leads with marketing automation software, Drip

This post is part of a new series featuring 3rd-party integrations with Close.io. Want to build a Close.io integration into your own app? Check out our API.

Drip is lightweight marketing automation built for startups.

It allows you to instantly capture leads from every page of your website, warm them up with a pre-written sequence of behavior-driven emails, and track how engaged they are through lead scoring and conversion tracking.

We're happy to announce Drip's integration with Close.io is now live!


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13 B2B cold calling tips for sales success in 2015

People keep saying cold calling is dead - yet, many successful businesses rely on it to drive revenues. Be it Uber, Twitter, Fortune 500 companies or high-growth startups, they all have sales reps eagerly dialing numbers day in and day out.

B2B cold calling tips 2015

But if you're still doing cold calls like it's 1995, you might as well not do it at all. Too much has changed in the past 20 years, which is why we've put together these 13 cold calling tips for startup founders and sales pros who want to make more sales and close more deals.

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Short vs long emails: What works best for drip marketing campaigns?

reading mailIt's common advice that you should keep your emails short, and in most cases, I agree with it.

For example, if you're sending out cold emails, be concise and have a clear call to action.

But if you want to determine the ideal length of your drip emails, there's a better way than dogmatic adherence to either the "short vs long email is better" theory.

Make your drip emails as long as they need to be to achieve the desired effect.

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Integration: HeyUpdate helps your team stay up-to-date

This post is part of a new series featuring 3rd-party products & services that integrate directly with Close.io. Want to build a Close.io integration into your own app? Check out our API.

HeyUpdate is a tool to keep your team in sync. It does this by gathering activity from the services you already use and asks team members to write short updates each day to add extra context. A simple but effective method that helps teams get things done.

We're happy to announce it also now integrates with Close.io!

With the Close.io integration your team’s sales activity will be shown in the daily summary on HeyUpdate. The automated nature of the activity stream compliments the written updates, which allow extra context to be added.


“If you’re like us then you probably don’t just do sales or engineering or design, but instead wear many hats and use many different services. The integration makes it easy to get a quick overview of what your team has been doing. Close.io is a fantastic tool for sales and our customers love it.” says Maria Graham, CEO of HeyUpdate.

Check it out!

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Steal these high-converting sales email drip campaigns from 2 killer startups

stealingdripcampaignThere are a lot of great resources to learn about drip emails, but one of the best ways to see what’s working now is to steal from study what successful, fast-growing companies are doing now.

There are many different objectives you can achieve with drip campaigns, but these two case studies are focused on moving someone who signed up for a free trial or a free account forward in the sales process.

How do you get someone who signed up on your website to schedule a phone call with you, so you can qualify and sell them?

HubSpot's email drip campaign

Let’s first look at HubSpot, the recently IPO’d marketing automation juggernaut.

How do they move free trial signups to the next step of their sales process? It all starts with a wickedly effective sequence of emails. Here the emails I got from them once I signed up for a trial:

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Noah Kagan's secrets to success in sales, marketing, hustling... and life

Here's an interview I did with Noah Kagan, one of my favorite hustlers on the world wide web. We talk about sales and marketing tactics, business strategies, regrets and most importantly: the inner game of hustling.

If you think you're not a natural-born hustler, or you wonder whether you have the stuff it takes to succeed in sales... watch this 3-part interview. Noah shares simple, yet powerful exercises you can do to develop the attitude that will lead to success.

Oh, and if you're an awesome sales person or designer, there's a job opportunity here for you ;)

(The quality of the recording is terrible, and there's a part missing in the middle, but as much as this video sucks on the outside, the awesomeness is within).

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How to determine the ROI of your marketing (without analytics)

Do you sometimes wonder which of your marketing efforts have the highest ROI?

It's a question we've been pondering quite a lot. At Close.io, we do a ton of things to promote our sales platform, but we don't really always know which ones are effective and which ones are mostly a waste of time. We have ideas, opinions and theories, but not enough data.

(We thought) we needed analytics!

To remedy this, we planned on installing a super-sophisticated analytics and tracking solution to get a clearer picture of what really drives our signups, to get a better understanding of the customer journey from discovery to purchase.

But we also had our heads down in other activities, because, you know, this is a startup, and in a startup you're never not busy. We perpetually kept postponing the set up of proper tracking magic.


One day, I was talking with my friend Noah Kagan from AppSumo & SumoMe fame, bouncing marketing and sales advice off each other. At one point, he asks me:

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How to build a sales team... when you can't afford it

Maybe you're a bootstrapping startup, or you're a single founder, or your just burning through your funding so fast that you urgently have to cut expenses... and hiring someone is just completely out of question.

Yet, you need paying customers - and having people actually sell your product is your best bet to get people hand you their money.

So what can you do? Do what entrepreneurs who lacked money have been doing ever since: get creative. Replace money with resourcefulness.

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We're Hiring - Come join the Close.io Team!


About us...

At Close.io we’re building the sales communication platform of the future. We’ve built a next-generation CRM that eliminates manual data entry and helps sales teams close more deals.

We are hiring sales reps, support specialists and full stack engineers to help us keep crushing the world of sales software.

About you...

We're looking for amazing people around the world to join our core team. If you love SaaS, hustling and competing against massive organizations and crushing them daily with a small team you've come to the right place :)

Open job posts:

Thank you!

We're honored that you are considering joining our team and excited to talk to you soon!

- The Close.io Team


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Are your prospects postponing the purchase? Do this!

Do you know these prospects that are great fit for your offer, yet they don't buy?

They're engaged during the sales process. There are no insuperable objections in the way of closing the deal. Yet, they postpone their buying decision until next quarter... again and again.

How can you get these people to sign up?

Most sales reps who frequently struggle with prospects delaying decisions have a one-size-fits-all sales pitch, a cookie-cutter value proposition.

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