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How to prepare for giving product demos

Getting-Ready1We've already covered how to schedule more demo appointments with qualified prospects. Today we're going to talk about the probably most unglamorous part of giving demos: the nuts and bolts of preparing demos that turn into sales.

Thorough preparation will help you create and deliver effective product demonstrations and improve your close rates.

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Beta testers to opt-in to "Inbox"

We're looking for a few beta testers for a set of new features in Close.io we're really excited about, called "Inbox". These features should lead to significant workflow and UI improvements around email, tasks, and notifications immediately, as well as lay the foundation for even more goodness in the future.

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How to negotiate like a pro

TheNegotiatorWhether you're negotiating with customers, partners or investors - the fundamental rules of every negotiation are the same. It's all about creating agreements between parties with different interests and objectives.

Here's a compilation of negotiation tactics and strategies we're successfully using as a B2B SaaS startup.

You won't find any high-brow advice written by people detached from the action, nor plump bargaining tactics you'd expect of a used car salesman.

You don't need charisma, expensive suits or slick rhetorics to use any of these methods. All that's required of you is the ability to provide value to the other party and the willingness to step out of your comfort zone to get things done. 


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Product improvements: opportunities page columns, notification clearing, call quality

The Close.io engineering team has been hard at work on some coming-soon email, task, and workflow features. In the meantime, we also took care of some miscelleneous improvements in the past 6 weeks that we wanted to let you know about.

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Help me out here

Ever been in a sales conversation that's been going nowhere? A negotiation that's been stuck? There's a magic four-word-sentence that can resolve these situations and help you get a real dialogue going. Just say the words: "Help me out here."

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The 1 thing you need to win every negotiation

There are hundreds of books on how to negotiate. You can spend a year reading them all to become a great negotiator. Or you can do the one thing that will give you the upper hand in every negotiation: be willing to walk away.

I spoke about this during my negotiation workshop at the Heureka Conference in Berlin earlier this month: 

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The most powerful negotiation tactic ever? Shut the fuck up!

stfuMost startup founders don’t think of themselves as master negotiators and struggle to come up with the right things to say in crucial moments. These moments are the perfect time to exercise one of sales’ most valuable tricks: silence.

Although simple, it’s hard to embrace silence during negotiations due to the level of fearlessness and discipline required. However, it is an incredible tool -- one which saved our company $225,000.

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How to schedule product demo appointments

Product demos are a great way to convert qualified prospects into paying customers. But getting a prospect to attend a demo can be hard. Most prospects would rather tinker around with your software on their own than scheduling an appointment with a sales rep to walk them through a presentation.

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Integration: HipChat add-on for seeing lead details in your chat room

We are happy to announce an official Close.io HipChat add-on. If you use HipChat for team collaboration like we do, you may often send a link to a specific Close.io lead to your coworkers. With this new add-on, when you paste a lead URL into HipChat, you will quickly see more details about that lead.

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Close.io Zapier integrations webinar

Want to make Close.io work with your favorite apps? Watch this webinar with Alison Grove from Zapier and our Director of Business Development, Kevin Ramani.

We've recently expanded the scope of possibilities to connect all your Close.io data into other applications using Zapier. It's easy to do, requires no technical skills, but enables you to create powerful custom integrations for your favorite sales software.

There's a multitude of possibilities to make Close.io work with your favorite apps and save you time. No webinar could cover all the possibilities, but it should be a good starting point to get your ideas started.

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