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Integration: Build custom sales dashboards with Leftronic

We are happy to announce an official Close.io Leftronic integration. Leftronic makes it easy to build a customized dashboard that displays your critical sales metrics visualized exactly the way you want. 


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The power of right the fuck now

When you’ve got a qualified prospect on the phone, there’s one thing you always want to do before you end the call: Initiate the next step!

Do it right then and there while you still have them on the phone, not by telling them how much you enjoyed speaking with them, not by agreeing to talk again soon (someday), not by sending them a follow up email.

Use the power of right fucking now to get the thing done.

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Customer case study: Foursquare


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Purpose-driven motivation: 2 Uber drivers taught me how

Whenever I ride in an Uber (which happens often), I try to get to know the driver a bit. There are always phone calls to be made or emails to be answered, but you gotta know when to switch all that off. You’ll discover some amazing people and learn valuable lessons if you open yourself up to it.

Driving for a higher cause

On a recent drive in an Uber, I chatted with the driver and was curious why he did this job. He explained that for the last two decades, he has been doing cancer research at Stanford full-time.

Yet, he was driving an Uber two hours every day to earn some extra money—money that he would then donate to cancer research.

He’s seen so many people struggle with cancer, go through the pains and procedures, and face financial hardships that it broke his heart. But rather than being miserable about it, he decided to do something about it.

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Follow up strategies for sales [free online crash course]

Steli-Efti-photo-254x300Want to learn how to close more deals by following up? How to systematically follow up at the right time, the right way? Join our upcoming online crash course with Steli Efti on follow up strategies for sales:


Tuesday, August 4, 2015
10 am PDT / 1 pm EDT

Steli will share his follow up hacks & strategies with you, and it’s your best opportunity to get any follow up-related questions answered.

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Upcoming online event: Growth Summit


If you want to learn from some of the best and brightest in sales and marketing, reserve your (free) seat for The Digital Growth Summit - an online conference organized by Eric Siu of Growth Everywhere.

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F*ck rapport. Close deals!

Pretty much every sales expert will tell you how important it is to build rapport with your prospects. Along with that, they’ll offer you various techniques and strategies to teach you how to do it.

I say, screw that.

You don’t need rapport. You need to close deals. And sometimes in order to close deals, you need to break rapport and just be real.

Here’s an example of this.

A couple of months ago, Kevin, who’s leading our sales team, was on a call with a prospect. A few minutes into the call, we could hear the guy shouting through Kevin’s headset. The prospect was upset about some non-issue and was probably just having a bad day.

Most sales reps become apologetic and try to appease a prospect in such a situation.

Not Kevin.

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How to call prospects who open your email

A lot of sales teams use the cold calling 2.0 model that Aaron Ross pioneered and popularized in his book Predictable Revenue:

  1. Send out cold emails to a list of targeted leads.
  2. Use an open tracker or sales CRM (e.g., Close.io) to see which recipients actually open the email.
  3. Call those leads who opened the emails.

This is generally a good approach because these prospects have self-selected themselves. The fact that they have opened the email is an indicator that they are a better fit than those who didn’t open the email.

But there’s a mistake sales reps and sales development representatives (SDRs) often make: they assume the prospect knows who they are or what they are calling about just because the prospect opened their email. While the strategy of calling leads who have opened your email is good, assuming they’ll receive your call with open arms is wrong. Yet, that’s exactly what sales reps and founders often do.

In this article, we'll look at the most effective ways of engaging—instead of frustrating—your prospects with your cold calls.

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Get a daily sales motivation boost

In the past months, we've been working on a little project to help you be a better sales person.

Here's what it's all about:

Throughout my more than 15 years in sales, managing sales teams, coaching thousands of sales professionals and personally closing tens of millions of dollars in deals in various industries, there's one thing that became really clear to me:

The most important factor that will determine how successful you'll be in the game of sales is the level of energy you bring to the table... every single day.


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Integration: Bedrock Data offers powerful 2-way syncing for Close.io contacts

We're happy to announce a new integration for our sales CRM, this time with Bedrock Data. Bedrock Data is an an integration and data management platform that allows you to sync Close.io contacts with various marketing, finance, ERP solutions and other platforms. Find out more about how this works in this post by Andrew Emmons.

Business information can change on a daily basis, or even within the blink of an eye. With all of the developments in cloud technology and the importance of tracking data from so many aspects of your business, the process of making sure that your team has the right data at all times can be daunting. From contacts and companies to leads and opportunities, the ideal way to integrate your data is to make sure that your data is being updated across the various systems that your team is using.


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