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The fastest way to become a cold calling pro

becomecoldcallingproWant to know what the fastest and most effective way is to become great at cold calling? It’s a simple two-fold approach I’ll share in this post.

But before we go into that, let’s dispel some widespread myths when it comes to improving your phone sales skills.

None of the following activities will be the silver bullet when it comes to unlocking your cold calling magic:

  • reading sales advice books (whether it’s the latest new sales breakthrough everyone raves about or the bestselling classics with hundreds of 5-star Amazon reviews)
  • visiting a sales workshop by this great sales guru
  • getting a personal sales coach
  • reading blog posts (not even all the cold calling posts on the Close.io blog).

All of this is great and has its place. I strongly encourage continuous education. But it's not what will yield the biggest learning ROI for you.

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Cold calling? You lost me at hello

cold-call-reactionIf you’re doing cold calls the way most sales reps do it, you’re already losing out with the first words coming out of your mouth.

It’s like a really bad opening move that determines the outcome of the battle from the get-go.

Want to know what I’m talking about?

Take a moment to think back to the last couple of cold calls you received, where someone whom you didn’t know and never heard of called you in the middle of the day and tried to sell you something.

Go ahead, close your eyes and play back that mental movie. How did those cold calls start?

Here’s a typical scenario that probably matches your experience: You pick up a call from a number you don’t recognize, wondering: "Who is this?"

What you hear from the other end of the line is a monotonous telesales rapper delivering a high-speed staccato speech filled with big words no human being would ever use in a real conversation…

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3 questions to ask yourself before making that sales call

Most sales reps think deals are won or lost when you’ve got the prospect on the phone. They’re wrong. You win or lose the deal before you even pick up the phone and dial; it’s your state of mind that determines the outcome of the call more than anything else.

I have three questions that I ask myself before every crucial sales call: Why? What? How?

I’ve taught the same questions to many other sales reps, and you can literally hear the difference. Sales reps who haven’t answered these questions aimlessly float with the tide. Don’t be one of them; swim for a goal!

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Email Autocomplete

Happy Thursday, Closers!

We have another improvement to email sending experience in Close.io, in addition to the just-launched email follow-ups feature!

When composing an email in Close.io, the To/CC/BCC fields used to be simple text fields for entering an email address:


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Cold calling: The ethical bait-and-switch trick

bait and switch

Many different kinds of businesses use the bait-and-switch technique. In some industries, it’s almost become a standard practice we as consumers come to expect (e.g., a flight that’s advertised as $224 after all the fees, taxes, and surcharges costs $826).

The reason why companies keep using this technique is that it’s just damn effective.

Bait-and-switch for sales reps and SDRs

But we’re not interested in how airlines or telecommunication conglomerates nudge their profits up a couple of percentage points. The question we’re concerned with is this: how can you as an individual sales person use the bait-and-switch technique to open more sales conversations with prospects and qualify them.

In the following paragraphs, you’ll learn how to pull the bait-and-switch technique off in an ethical way… in a way that actually provides value to the prospects that take your bait.

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Upcoming sales webinars

We've got three exciting webinars coming up for you in the following weeks: On sending cold emails, making cold calls and an effective framework for turning prospects into buyers.

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Introducing Email Follow-Ups

We're happy to announce the release of a powerful new feature to help you harness the power of follow-up!

When composing an email, you'll notice a new checkbox: "Remind me to follow up if no reply in [days]".

Simply check this box and choose your timeframe, and we'll keep an eye out for an email reply from any of the recipients. If you don't get a reply, then a reminder will show up in your Inbox on the given day.

schedule email follow ups from your sales CRM

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The winning cold email follow-up game plan

You work hard to generate leads for your sales pipeline by sending out cold emails. But your cold prospects don't respond. Do you know what your best follow-up strategy is?

How many times should you follow up with a cold prospect? When should you follow up? What specifically should you write in these emails? When should you stop following up?

In this post, you’ll learn how to put a consistent cold email follow-up strategy in place that will help you fill your sales pipeline and ultimately close more deals.

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The breakup email: Before you stop following up, send this

The breakup email is one of the most effective follow up email templates you can use when a prospect isn’t responding to your emails.

You’re essentially “breaking up via email” with them. Not that your unilateral relationship was that great to begin with, but by being the one who’s walking away, rather than the one who’s pursuing, you turn the dynamic of the interaction around. It’s high school all over again, but it’s also highly effective.

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