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Advice on recruiting advisory board members

Hardly a week goes by where I don't receive an invitation to join some startup's advisory board. Often from founders with whom I've never had a meaningful interaction. Sometimes they offer me equity, include confidential information in their proposal or send over signed paperwork.


Every time I get one of these emails my ego feasts on it. But every time my brain stops me from doing something stupid and saying yes.

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How to make your value proposition irresistible

Want to sharpen your sales pitch? Make your cold emails more effective? Create a more compelling value proposition? Perfect your sales script?

Here's what most people do to achieve that:

  • Buy books about sales and marketing
  • Read blogs, watch videos (hi there!)
  • Visit workshops and seminars
  • Ask others for feedback
  • Hire consultants and sales trainers

All of these are great options, but only after you've done something else first. Ask your prospects and customers!

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End of sales cycle and a hot prospect turns cold?

Every sales rep has experienced this: You've got a deal in the pipeline, you're very confident that it'll close. The prospect and you have several positive sales conversations, he's qualified, has tried your product and expressed buying interest.

Just as you're getting ready to seal the deal, they start raising concerns, objections, and doubts. And slowly the realization creeps on you that this deal is not going to happen.

How do you react? What do you do next?

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How Silicon Valley made me think small

"How did moving to Silicon Valley change you as an entrepreneur? Did it made you think bigger?"

I had just wrapped up my talk for a startup event in Greece, and a young entrepreneur asked me this question. Everybody in the room leaned forward to hear my answer. I could see by they look in their eyes, to them, Silicon Valley was this magical place where startup dreams come true. I thought for a moment.

"No. Quite the opposite. Silicon Valley made me think smaller, but act bigger."

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SaaS sales panel with Hiten Shah, Steli Efti & others from Salesconf

Last year Steli joined Nick O'Neill's Salesconf SaaS sales panel with Hiten Shah, Heather Morgan, Josh Isaak and others.

It was a great event with awesome attendees who asked some great questions on the topic of startup and SaaS sales. Here's the full recording (53 minutes) + transcript for you.

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Make Close.io work with your favorite apps [webinar]

Learn how to save time and get the most out of Close.io with Zapier. 

You're invited to join the Close.io <-> Zapier webinar!

Our sales software helps you to manage your pipeline more effectively and close more deals.

But what if you need that data to play nicely with other apps you use?

Enter Zapier, which can help you bridge the gap between Close.io data and other apps you use.

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Selling to large organizations? Build an army of internal champions!

Whenever you're selling to an enterprise, or any other large organization, there are many people involved in the deal. One of the most painful mistakes you can make is to assume you've won the deal just because the decision maker said yes.

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Sales pitch framing: Play to your strengths


She had raised a seed round, put a great technical team together, and they developed a great enterprise product. Now she wanted to raise a Series A, and asked for my feedback on her investor pitch.

Her presentation culminated in her proclaiming: "We've got these seven paying enterprise customers already!"

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Flip your prospect's questions to close more deals

In my recent post on how to ask powerful sales questions, I talked about the importance of listening and asking questions.

But there's another way to utilize questions to close more deals: flip them.

Here's how flipping questions works:

When your prospect asks you a question, you flip it back on them. You ask them the same question they just asked you

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March product improvements

Our engineering team is hard at work on a big project that we look forward to showing off. But in the meantime, we also took care of a few miscellaneous product improvements in March.

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