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"David, I'm not going to buy this": How a 2-minute shortcut turned into a $200 loss

I was walking through the Westfield mall in San Francisco when I suddenly hear:

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Product update: Better sales insights with Smart View filters for Opportunities and Reporting

Smart Views are one of our most powerful features. They help you target specific leads based on specific criteria.

If you frequently use the same search query, you can save that query in one click and turn it into a Smart View. By doing so, you have made your workflow even smarter and you’ll be able to reach more leads in a shorter amount of time.

Previously, Smart Views weren’t available on the Opportunities page and in Reporting, they were only available for Explorer. Now, we’ve added the feature to both in order to give you quicker access to the information you need.

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Death by data: Numbers are killing your business

"When we let data drive our marketing, we all too often optimize for things that are easy to measure, not necessarily what matters most." — Ezra Fishman

Too many startups focus on the numbers, rather than the people behind the numbers.


Forget about automated reports and real-time dashboards for a moment. Because there are so many crucial elements to the success of your startup which can’t be quantified.

Let’s talk about why you shouldn’t be too focused on the numbers and how to find a balance between quantity and quality that will set you up for success.

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Killing the startup myth: “We never marketed our product”

What’s the quickest way to tell any investor, advisor, or experienced entrepreneur that you have no idea what you’re doing?

Simple. Just tell them this: “We didn’t spend any money on marketing.”

The no-marketing movement is an epidemic among new founders, like somehow it’s “cool” to neglect a vital part of startup growth.

Forget fads. Here’s the truth: You can’t get customers without marketing. If a startup has even one customer, they’ve marketed their product.

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Ask yourself these 3 questions and start turning failure into success

Imagine you’re a brand new sales rep and you’ve just been given your first prospect. It’s a small account, but your heart still races as you make your first cold call.

But when you hang up the phone 30 minutes later, you’ve closed your first deal. Wow. That wasn’t so bad! Then you close your second. And your third. And your fourth. By the end of the week, your unstoppable performance tops the charts.

Soon, you get the attention of the CEO. He wants you to take over the company’s biggest account, one that’s been in the works since before you were hired.

Confident, you accept and pick up the phone. Only to discover that your lucky streak is over.

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Integration: Find B2B contact data with snapADDY

We’re happy to announce a new integration with snapADDY, sales support software for finding B2B contact data. With this integration, use snapADDY to grab contact information from the web, e-mail signatures or documents and save it in Close.io.


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How to get hired at a startup in 3 steps

Every year, more and more people are leaving the security of their corporate jobs for the thrill of working at a startup.

Maybe you’re thinking about making the switch yourself, but you’re not sure if it’s for you. And even if it is, you aren’t sure how to make the change.

We’ll cover both topics here, but let’s start at the top.

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This is how you should launch your startup

You finally did it.

After all that time spent on design, development, and testing—you’re ready to launch your startup. Now it’s time to figure out how to launch it.

If you’re like most first-time entrepreneurs, you probably think you’ve got two choices: The big bang or the soft start. But which option is best?

The answer? Neither.

There’s a third option. There’s a way to launch your startup that gives you the best of both worlds.

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Product update: Archiving email templates, emojis, revamped Support Center and more

We have a bunch of exciting product updates to share with you that will make your sales process more effective.

No more clutter: Archive and activate email templates as needed

Our customers create a lot of email templates for various purposes and for different stages of the sales process. Sometimes, this makes it hard to find the email templates they use the most.

Now, we’re happy to introduce our email template archiving function. This will help you avoid unnecessary clutter and give you immediate access to your most frequently used email templates.

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Use Close.io Zaps in 8 new ways: Find leads, trigger when leads change status, and more

This is a guest post by Carlin Sack, who is a writer, Zapier marketer, and Northwestern University journalism alum. To discover even more Close.io Zaps, visit the Zapier website here.

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