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Explorer Improvements

Ever since we introduced the Explorer's beta, we've been gathering a lot of feedback from the community. Vast majority of you enjoyed it and found it insightful, but you also pointed out some errors. We're happy to announce that we've rolled out several upgrades to our customizable reporting engine over the past few weeks and we're officially dropping the "beta" sign!

On top of the bug fixes which we'll list in the next paragraph, there's one relevant improvement that will be especially beneficial if you're a part of a large team, you have a ton of email templates, or you have custom fields that contain a lot of values. Larger bar charts are now equipped with a horizontal scrollbar and let you digest the data in a more readable fashion:


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Put some Funny in your Follow Up :P

I preach the gospel of follow up almost every day of my life. And still...there is more to preach and more to learn :)

How do you spice up the follow up?

Many ask me for new creative ways to spice up their follow up hustle and I've recently come across an awesome guy who's putting some "funny" in his follow up and seeing great results with it.

Rachman is the co-founder of FunnyBizz and we met at the Lean Startup Conference in December.

He gave an awesome talk on how to effectively follow-up with humor.

One of my favorite ideas from the talk was that he used to follow up with potential sponsors for his conference and when he didn't hear back, he was sending them a funny gif of cookie monster waiting with no further text :)

The response rates where great (watch the video below of his talk if you want to learn more).

The Cookie Monster Follow Up Gif


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Possible Is Everything! [Talk]

I had the honor to speak at last years Marketing Rockstars Festival in Austria and talk about my favorite subject: The Entrepreneurial Hustle :)

Below the description and video of the talk. Looking forward to speaking at this years Marketing Rockstars Festival again in May! 

Possible Is Everything: How to get shit done with the power of entrepreneurial hustle.

Born and raised in Germany as an immigrant kid from Greece. A High School dropout turned Silicon Valley Tech CEO.

Steli will share stories and strategies on how to get things done others would not even dare to attempt with the amazing power of entrepreneurial hustle.

He'll share unique insights in the power an entrepreneurial attitude and war stories of working with over 200 venture backed startups around the world to grow their revenue and sales.



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8 Tools for Lead Discovery You Probably Haven’t Thought About


Finding new leads is time consuming, and can even be daunting at times, but it’s the lifeblood of most sales people.

What if you could simplify and streamline the lead discovery process while generating inbound leads? Sounds like a dream, huh? Fortunately, there are many tools and tactics available to help you do just that, some of which have managed to fly under the mainstream’s radar.

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How to create winning sales documentation


We've already established that in the long run, sales teams working with scripts outperform those working without scripts. What we haven't covered is how to actually create sales documentation.

Some questions to consider:

  • Should you hire a sales consultancy to do this for you?
  • Should you lock yourself in a room for a day to create your sales documentation?
  • How extensive should the documentation be?
  • Should it be just a general outline to direct the conversation, or should it be an elaborate multi-threaded script that covers almost every possible twist and turn of sales conversations with prospects?
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Founders' Dinner – How to Be(come) an Awesome Co-founder Team


The quality of the relationships among co-founders is one of the most important elements of successful startups.

That’s why so many VCs and investors care not only about your pitch, your idea and your numbers but also about the interactions within your team.

They’ve seen startups fall apart time and again because of fights among founders.

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Will they buy it? [Lean Startup Ignite talk]

We already posted the recording of my Lean Startup Conference keynote, so here's my LSC14 Ingnite talk.

Brutally abbreviated because of technical issues that affected their scheduling, but this means you'll get the essence of lean sales, highly condensed, in just 4 minutes and 44 seconds.


Related resources: 

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Customer Case Study: Countfire


Tell us a little bit about your business?

We make Countfire, an app that automates the counting of symbols from PDF construction drawings / blueprints.

In order to cost / quote projects, construction companies need to quantify or “take off” symbols from drawings and this process is often still done by hand. Countfire reduces the time spent on this task from weeks to days and in some cases hours, while also increasing accuracy.

What did you use before Close.io? Why did you decide to switch?

Pipedrive. Their solution was good for us in the early days because it was inexpensive and gave us some organisation to our leads and sales tasks. We found however that as a web only based product, it could be a little slow for us to use sometimes.

We also saw a lot of duplicated contact information when BCC’ing outgoing sales emails into Pipedrive which was a major catalyst for us looking for different solution.  

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The senior sales hire that will DESTROY your startup

You’ll believe this sales person to be your startup’s savior. He’s got an incredible rolodex and 30 years of relevant industry experience.Let’s call him Charlie Charlatan.

Charlie knows how the game is played in the big league. Yet, he chose to play with you in little league. Why? Oh, he can explain sure! Reasons you’ll enjoy listening to: he believes in your vision, he can see the potential in your idea. He thirsts for the speed and spirit of a new startup.

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How we closed $585 in monthly revenue from 1 tweet

We originally published this as a guestpost on the awesome blog of our friends at mention, but wanted to share it with you too, so here's our social sales success story:

I admit it: I’m a social media skeptic. If you scroll back far enough in my Twitter profile, you’ll see that after my initial curiosity in 2007, my Twitter account was pretty much in a deep sleep until November 2013.

I’m the kind of guy who looks at social and asks: “What’s the ROI of this? Is it worth the time and effort?” I often challenge sales people to stop wasting time on social.

But if you show me results, I’ll become a believer.

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