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Why most sales voicemail messages suck


Most sales voicemail messages lack purpose. They usually express no clear intention for the prospect.

Too many sales reps speak too fast and ramble, filling the message with lots of “um’s” and “ah’s”. Then, potential clients have to listen to the voicemail three to four times, just to write down the callback number.

That’s why messages are deleted, and prospects never return calls.

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Cold calling: How to respond to "I don't have time"?

When Donald Trump says he has “no time” for political correctness, what he really means is that he’s chosen not to make it a priority.

It’s the same way with your customers. Unless you happen to cold call someone whose office has just caught on fire, it’s pretty likely that “I don’t have time” is just a polite way of saying “Go away,” or “What you’re offering is not a priority for me.” After all, if they really didn’t have time, they would have just hung up on you.

And yet, your average salesperson still hears “I don’t have time,” stammers, gets nervous, and hangs up. It’s a difficult objection to deal with—we’re not used to responding proactively to “I don’t have time.” You can’t really argue with it, because who are you to question whether someone really has time?

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4 dumb sales mistakes that smart people make

When you make mistakes in sales, your propsects likely won't tell you. Instead, they'll let their money do the talking—and close the deal with a competitor.

You don't want this to happen and neither do we.

That's why we’ve identified four of the biggest mistakes that sales professionals make and how you can avoid them.

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3 ways to nurse lost trial leads into activation

Like most SaaS businesses, you offer a free trial for your product. Through the trial, you've done your best to drive customer engagement.

Customer onboarding seamlessly runs new users through all the shiny features of your product, and your mastery of the free trial lifecycle email has them active from beginning to the end.

According to research by Softletter, 66% of SaaS vendors report free trial conversion rates of 25% or less—but industry averages are just benchmarks. Whatever your trial conversion rate is, you want to improve that number.

Don’t stop when the trial does. If you give up on unconverted users after the trial, you lose out on all the potential customers that could be activated later.

Free trial users took the time and effort to sign up for and test your product. They're warm leads you should nurture. Don’t turn your back on them just because the trial’s over. Try to reignite the spark that got them using your product in the first place.

Here are 3 simple ways to get unconverted users back into your funnel—right where they should be.

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B2B cold emailing [FREE 1 hour crash course]

Want to learn how to fill your sales pipeline with qualified B2B leads, set appointments and close deals? Here's the full recording of our 1 hour B2B cold email course—Steli shares some of his best tips and strategies on using emails to make sales.

Prefer to listen? Just click the link below to download the MP3 or listen right here in your browser window.

Presentation slides

Here's the full transcript:

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Should you move from self-serve to sales-supported SaaS?

You’ve got a great self-serve SaaS product. You have leads coming through your funnel, signing up for a trial and upgrading—without you having to lift a finger.

You’ve had a taste of success and you’re wondering whether now is the right time to hire salespeople, ramp up growth even more and make more sales through all of these inbound leads you are generating.

This is an extremely important decision in the life of a SaaS business. Hire too soon and it could be a massive momentum killer for your self-serve business.

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Sales coaching session with Steli: CloudSponge

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39 shocking sales stats that will change the way you sell


Sometimes, it takes the cold, harsh truth to burst your cozy bubble.

And sometimes, it takes 39 cold, hard facts.

These sales stats reflect uncomfortable truths that sales teams deal with every single day. You or your team might be losing hours of productivity—and money—due to these mistakes.

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How to increase competition amongst your sales teams


Like you, David Schwall, a director who headed up inside sales at Clayton Homes, thought his team could achieve more. Eager to try something different, he turned his sales competition into a fantasy sports competition.

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Sales coaching session with Steli: AutoUncle


Ever wanted to get some one-on-one sales coaching by Steli? The team of AutoUncle did, and here's the full recording of the call, and a writeup for those who prefer to quickly get the gist of it:

You have some really great calls with prospects. They dig your product; they understand the benefits and sound super-interested in signing on the dotted line.

Yet, once you send over the follow-up and contracts, you hit a stumbling block. Everything slows down. They want to go away and discuss it with their team, and all the great discussion from your first call is lost.

Eventually, you have to get back on the phone and go over it all again. The sale takes three times as long as it should, or even worse, breaks down completely.

Plenty of businesses experience problems like this and recently Steli sat down with AutoUncle to help them tackle the problem of getting deals over the line.

AutoUncle’s vision is to make the used car market transparent and attract more buyers and sellers. They create transparency by gathering, and cleaning up, the jungle of adverts as well as evaluating the market price of every car for sale.

They have a ton of value to add to car dealerships and have helped hundreds of businesses. So why aren’t their prospects converting? What can they do in their phone conversations to get prospects over the line?

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