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16 movies for sales people

Happy holidays - kick back and enjoy a movie with your loved ones. Here's a bunch of movies for sales people where you could almost justify the movie tickets as a company expense ;-)

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Automatic historical email import

We're excited to announce an upcoming change to how email syncing works with Close.io. We're calling it "automatic historical email import". 

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3 free new online sales tools for prospecting

If you're a sales person, simplicity is your friend. You generally want to avoid complexity, because even if a more sophisticated system sounds good in theory and looks good on paper... putting it into practice creates too much friction and slows you down.

That's why we love easy-to-use online sales tools that simplify your activities.

Without further ado, 3 new online services sales reps love:

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Watch people, not clicks

Many startup founders have this unhealthy fascination with data, metrics and analytics. They think all these numbers contain the answers to the mystery of business success.

More often than not, it’s just a dangerous distraction. I’ve learned this from experience, and today I want to share with you why you shouldn’t be too fixated on the numbers, and what to do instead.

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Want to get past the gatekeeper?

You’ve identified a prospect that could truly benefit from your product or service. They’re a great fit for your offer. You can almost smell the ink on the dotted line already. If it weren’t for that pesky gatekeeper… 

You can’t close the deal if you can’t even pitch to the buyer. And the gatekeeper is shutting you out. How do you deal with that? How can you get them to grant you access to the decision maker?

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Sales mindset: Expect the Yes, embrace the No

One of the things that's preventing people from achieving sales success is not about which words to use, or the mechanics of sales. It's their attitude - they don't have a solid sales mindset.

Let's just look at the final step of the sales process: the close. The question you ask to trigger a purchasing decision during a sales conversation.

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New Billing Settings for Invoices

Hey Closers,

A minor update for you. Some of you have asked for two features to help make your own accounting of Close.io invoices a little easier.

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We're writing a new book: The Unscalable Startup

If you’ve ever written a book, you know how painful the process is. There’s a handful of really large, big pains: how to best present the big ideas, the right way to structure your book and give it a cohesive narrative.

And as many tiny little pains as there are stars in the sky: details that sometimes seem too insignificant to spend your time on, but then you know they’re just a tad too important to ignore.

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How to expand your sales team internationally

I recently spoke with a founder from Lithuania who wanted to start selling his product to other countries. In his case, he planned on selling into neighbouring Poland.

How do you go about this? Expanding your sales team into other regions and countries is a difficult endeavour, and one that often fails. Here's some a proven 4-step process for successfully selling to foreign markets

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FourSquare sales for startups event

You'll enjoy this startup sales workshop Steli gave in New York, organized by Eric Friedman, Global Senior Director of Sales and Revenue Operations, Foursquare, Dave Greenberger and Evan Bartlett. Eric is putting these Building the Sales Machine events together regularly, so if you're a sales superstar in NYC, check out his website.

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